About AEP Investment Management

AEP Investment Management (AEPim) operates under the Securities & Futures Act, Cap.289, a regulatory statute under the review of the Monetary Authority of Singapore and has established an impressive transaction track record since its inception in 2008, consistently outperforming market and industry benchmarks.

Renowned as an astute investment manager, we have consistently achieved IRRs in excess of 18% p.a. for our managed strategies. This has been achieved by investing and executing opportunistic, value-added strategies across multiple markets and property cycles.

Our success comes from our extensive market relationships and a keen understanding of regional markets, developed through proprietary market research. From this solid foundation, active management of investment assets through creative value-added strategies is performed to enhance returns through strategic and timely dispositions.

We are uniquely positioned in our ability to cross conventional investment disciplines. Our investment team has a deep understanding of cross-cultural business practices and exercises flexibility and innovation when structuring our investment transactions, simultaneously applying high execution standards and deep discipline.

By co-investing our proprietary capital, our interests are completely aligned with our investors to maximise returns in compliance with Shariah requirements. Our investment assets have been successfully sold to institutional investors and experienced real estate investment groups in the region — a testament to the expertise of our team and the quality of our investments.